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About Me 🌈
My name is Yuxuan Zhou 周雨璇, and I like to go by Tammy.
I'm a Product Designer with 3+ years of experience solving complex problems in B2B, SaaS, enterprise solutions, and the machine learning space. I'm currently in the MHCI program at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating in August 2022.
Professional Interests
I'm fascinated by complex challenges that require systems thinking and attention to detail. I create research-informed and intuition-inspired designs that are useful, delightful, and meaningful.
My design interests are in emerging technologies that create social impacts. I intend to employ my design expertise to advance causes in social innovation and provide creative solutions to intractable problems. 
I'm also passionate about advocating for design thinking across all fields of work and bridging diverse communities through design best practices.
Why Design?
Design can be many things to many people. To me, design is not the end result of constructing an artifact, a system, or an implementation plan, but a constant and evolving process of challenging the status quo
Design is both a sense-making and problem-solving tool. 
Jared Spool said that “design is the rendering of intent.” That is what initially piqued my interest and attracted me to design. I have always been passionate about technology and design. When the combination of the two delivers a delightful experience to people, it brings me great joy.
Personal Life
Cooking  |  Traveling  |  Reading
In my free time, I enjoy being adventurous with cooking new ingredients. 
Travel for me is all about exploring food, culture, and museums. One of my personal goals is to visit all of the top 40 best art museums around the world (only accomplished 8 so far).
I read about 50 books a year on average, with topics covering technology, design, culture, gender issues, social equality, and education. You are welcome to check out my journey with books.
Let's Connect
I'm always up for exciting ideas and opportunities, or we can simply grab a (virtual) coffee and talk about anything ☕ 
Drop a message below, especially if you have a book recommendation :)
Thank you for reaching out!

I'll get in touch very soon:)
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